Round table discussions, meetings, talks... Révélations invites VIP from the art and culture industry, entrepreneurs, artists of matter to talk with the public about the key issues related to the industry's latest topics

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Révélations proposes a more in-depth reflection on fine art via a cycle of conferences organised throughout the fair. With expert speakers, these encounters aim to encourage exchange with the public on the essential questions linked with the sector's current situation and its economic stakes.

Thursday 10th September 2015

11.30am - 12.30pm
The GMBA Baker Tilly consultancy
Crowdfunding : fund raising for your projects

The GMBA Baker Tilly consultancy, specialised in chartered accountancy, taxation and social services, auditing and business consultancy, will be giving a conference on participative funding and its potential applications in the fine craft sector. Michel Gire, associate and manager of the consultancy will be talking to Adrien Aumont, the cofounder of the KissKissBankBankhellomerci and LENDOPOLIS platforms, in the form of a conference-workshop during which they will share their respective experience. They will both give practical advice to creators interested in this type of funding and will offer the keys for a successful participative funding campaign.

Michel Gire
, consultancy associate and manager GMBA Baker Tilly
Adrien Aumont, co-founder of the KissKissBankBank, hellomerci and
LENDOPOLIS crowdfunding platforms

6pm - 7.30pm
National Institute for fine craft's scientific and cultural committee (INMA)
Fine craft and new technologies

Certain recent technological changes have impacted fine craft: 3D printing, laser cutting and all the tools that are associated with or stem from 3D design are collectively calling into question the world of traditional know-how. What are the opportunities and the risks associated with these technologies and digital techniques for the fine craft sector? This conference will summarise work conducted by the National Institute for fine craft's scientific and cultural committee (INMA). It will be coordinated by Alain Cadix, former director of the ENSCI - Les Ateliers (National Graduate School for Industrial Creation), scientific consultant for the CEA (technological research and design) and several other speakers having contributed towards the INMA scientific and cultural committee's work.

Alain Cadix
, former director of the ENSCI - Les Ateliers (National Graduate School for Industrial Creation), scientific consultant for the CEA (technological research and design)
Frédéric Segonds, lecturer at the ENSAM (ParisTech - National Graduate School of Art and Craft), Paris campus, Product Design and Innovation Laboratory
Hugues Jacquet, socio-historian specialised in skills and know-how
Marc Bayard, Scientific and cultural development adviser for Mobilier national, Manufactures nationales
Grégoire Talon, in charge of Innovation for the Les Compagnons du Devoir centre of excellence in supple materials
Eric de Dormael, lighting designer, Ateliers d'Art de France administrator

Friday 11th September 2015

2pm - 3 pm
Innovation in fine craft

What are the best conditions for innovation? How can we reinforce the place of the fine craftworker in society and his/her relationship with matter? Innovation, hybridisation, research & development...

The winners and the members of jury of the Fondation d'Entreprise Banque Populaire who will be attending the conference will also be sharing their conviction: innovation is a necessity! Yet they all follow their own specific roads, hence contributing towards decisive and indispensible renewal in their respective trades.

André Joffre
, President of the Fondation d'Entreprise Banque Populaire
Emmanuel Barrois, glass artist, member of the Fondation d'Entreprise Banque Populaire Fine Craft jury
Antonin Pons-Braley, heliogravure artist, 2014 winner of the Fondation d'Entreprise Banque Populaire
Steven Leprizé, cabinetmaker, 2015 winner of the Fondation d'Entreprise Banque Populaire Marie Grimaud, jeweller, 2015 winner of the Fondation d'Entreprise Banque Populaire

Gérard Desquand
, President of the Fondation d'Entreprise Banque Populaire Fine Craft jury

3.15pm - 4.15pm
Drouot Formation
The place of fine craft in the art market

Drouot Formation will be inviting a representative from an auction house and an expert in the field of decorative arts to talk about the place of fine craft in the art market, the evolving image of these trades on the market, their potential and their development prospects.

Frédéric Ballon
, director of Drouot Formation
Samuel Accoceberry, designer
Fabien Mirabaud, auctioneer, Audap and Mirabaud auction house.

4:30pm - 5:30pm

Enterprise and fine craft: purchasing or hiring works of art to highlight the corporate environment

The Art Maestria agency offers expertise in company decoration and artistic consultancy. It accompanies projects via a network of partners such as interior design planners, gallery owners, funders. The agency will be presenting a range of existing possibilities for integrating art and fine craft within the company environment, from artwork hire to compiling your own collection, and will explain the fiscal advantages associated with this type of operation.

Evelyne Pouron,
Art Maestria agency's founder
Michel Blanchard-Jacquet, accountant and auditor of Europ Consult International
Jérôme Cordié, craftworker Aisthésis

5.45pm - 7.45pm

Exchange, usage and know-how

Based on the principles of the philosopher François Jullien and the concepts he initiated, Area invites us to intensely rethink the relationships between art, craft and philosophy. François Jullien, Alin Avila, François L'Yvonnet and Marc Guillaume will discuss the subject's philosophical, economic and aesthetic stakes.


François Jullien, philosopher
Marc Guillaume, economist
François L'Yvonnet, philosophy teacher and editor
Alin Avila, art historian and critic

Saturday 12th September 2015

3pm - 5pm
What training for what future?

Discover the great wealth of higher education and training opportunities in France for tomorrow's professionals, whose excellence and know-how are renowned the world over. This round table will enable visitors to identify, to get to know and to exchange with several schools who strive to transmit and preserve our inestimable fine craft heritage.

La Fabrique, fashion and decoration school
Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré (Duperré Graduate School in Applied Arts)
Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design (Graduate School of Art and Design) Orléans
Ecole Camondo, Arts Décoratifs (School of Decorative Art)
Ecole Boulle

Sunday 13th September 2015

10:30am - 12:30pm
Fine craft and local development

Fine craft trades have become a lever for territorial attractiveness and an indispensible tool for local economic development. Through the experience of three territories with different socio-economic contexts, the conference aims at describing decisive action and the key ingredients of successful local policy, initiated in collaboration with fine craft professionals and for the ultimate benefit of the territories involved.

Hervé Novelli
, Mayor of Richelieu, former secretary of state for Trade, Crafts, Small and Medium-sized businesses, Tourism, Services and Consumer affairs.
Françoise Seince, Director of the Ateliers de Paris incubator
Mairie de Pézenas