For this 3rd edition of the biennale 2017, Revelations and D’Days, the design festival in Paris, join together in May 2017 to transform Paris into the world’s economic center of attraction in contemporary creation in the fields of fine craft and design. Revelations and D’Days share a common goal: highlighting French creators in a resolutely globalised creation economy

To this end, D’Days presents in the nef of the Grand Palais its Design and Fine Craft programme, established in 2012 with the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation via two important opportunitiess.

Péri’Fabrique : co-création fine craft worker - designer


Péri’Fabrique is a co-creation programme established in 2012 by D’Days with the support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and the Grand Paris Est Ensemble region. This adventure is shared this year as well with Les Ateliers de Paris.

The co-creation programme will take shape at Revelations in the form of an exhibition of the fruits of collaboration between creators. The approach chosen this year: the fin craft worker chooses the designer, the normal process is reversed with no set plan before they meet. The fine craft worker chooses among several designers proposed, often far away from their particular savoir-faire. This distance reinforces the experiment and creates the ideal conditions for innovation.

This year, Péri’Fabrique has invited seven tandems to create their own story:

· Atelier Sauvage, artisan-designers and Marie de Lignerolles, designer.

· Valentin Roman, cabinetmaker and the designer duo Désormeaux & Carrette.

· Atelier Bettenfeld-Rosenblum, leather gilder and Christian Ghion, designer.

· Aurélie Dorard, ceramist, and Leslie Landucci, designer.

· Maison Fey, leatherworker and Pierre Charrié, designer.

· Antoinette Poisson, domino wallpaper printer and Jules Levasseur, designer.

· Maïté Tanguy, weaver and Marta Bakowski, designer.

And finally, the laureat duo of the 2016 collaboration grant, Bruce Cecere, artisan metalworker and Samuel Accoceberry, designer, will present Moon Lamp, as well as a new piece derived from this first project.

The artistic direction provided by Chantal Granier.

Speed-Dating Purchasing Advisors & Fine Craft Professionals


Within the framework of its partnership with Revelations, this year D’Days is organising a Speed-Dating Purchasing Advisors / Fine Craft Professionals under the nef of the Grand Palais during the morning of May 5, 2017.

The Speed-Dating Purchasing Advisors & Fine Craft Professioals was initiated by D’Days,. The Speed-Dating is supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and co-produced with Ateliers de Paris, the Institut National des Métiers d’Art, in partnership with Eyes on Talents, AD Magazine, and Ateliers d’Art de France.

The objectives of the Speed-Dating:

Stimulating economic relationships between exceptional fine craft professionals and top-level purchasing advisors,

Expanding the references of savoir-faire and thus, of providers to the purchasing advisors,

Extending the recruitment field for fine craft professionals and purchasing advisors at a national and international scale (spreading of excellent French savoir-faire),

Promoting fine craft workmanship among diverse economic actors in the field.