A renowned artistic steering committee

The artistic steering committee is composed of leading personalities from the world of art and culture. The committee ensures an exemplary selection is taken from the contemporary French and international scene based on criteria of quality, creativity and ethics.

A high-quality selection ensured by the experts:

Guy Boyer
Managing Editor, Connaissance des Arts (France)

Born in 1958 in Avignon, Guy Boyer holds a masters degree in Art History. Journalist and art critic, he was editor of Beaux-Arts Magazine until 1998, then director of the journal L'OEIL from 1997 until 2001. He is the managing editor of Connaissance des Arts since 2002, a magazine which, under his leadership, has undergone several transformations, one of which is the launch of several special issue magazines: Connaissance des Arts Photo in 2004, Le patrimoine en France in 2005 and Les métiers d'art en France in 2011. He also participates on a regular radio program on Radio Classique.

David Caméo
CEO, Cité de la céramique Limoges & Sevres (France)

Born in 1953, David Caméo is CEO of the public institution Cité de la Céramique - Limoges & Sevres since 2010, after having launched the revival of the Manufacture nationale de Sèvres in 2003. Inspector General for Artistic Creation and Education and former Rapporteur of the National Commission for Fine Arts established by the Minister of Culture in 1981, he successively held the positions of Head of Department of Acquisitions and Public Commissions, then the department supporting the creation and distribution of fine arts. In 2001, he was appointed as Technical Advisor for Culture to the cabinet of the Prime Minister. He is also a member of the Ateliers d'Art de France Foundation since 2011.

Lison de Caunes
Master of Art and President of the Grands Ateliers de France (France)

Lison de Caunes is a graduate of the Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs (UCAD) in bookbinding-gilding. Granddaughter of decorator André Groult, in the 1970's she sought to rediscover antique binding techniques using rare materials, mixing woodworking and leather crafting while experimenting with shagreen, eggshells, parchment and straw marquetry. She then specialized in the restoration of furniture and objects in straw marquetry. Lison de Caunes is to this day the only Master of Art in straw marquetry and her workshop provides all the straw marquetry restoration services and expertise as well as offering creations, personal works or collaborations with designers.

Christer Dynna
Art Critic (Norway)

Born in 1971, Christer Dynna, Journalist and Art Critic for the past 15 years, is Editor of Kunsthåndverk, a Norwegian magazine on fine crafts. Art Historian at the University of Oslo and at the Sorbonne, Paris IV, he defended his thesis on the works of photographer and writer Claude Cahun (1884-1954).

Christophe Hespeln
Headmaster, École Boulle (France)

At 57, Christopher Hespel has been Headmaster for the last three years of the École Boulle and the Lycée Professionnel des Métiers de l'Ameublement. First a teacher, he quickly became a professor of literature, then headmaster in 1990. He works mainly in "difficult" primary and secondary schools, technical or industrial, as well as art schools. He reflects a total commitment to the preservation and modernisation of the teaching of fine crafts and invests in various forums including the debate on the future of the art and design professions, or within the representative institutions (foundations, workshops and artist residencies).

Henri Jobbé-Duval
Commissioner-General, Révélations

One of the creators of the FIAC in 1973 and Artistic Director of FIAC until 2001, Henri Jobbé-Duval is also the creator of the 2nd international modern and contemporary art fair in Paris: Art Paris. Henri Jobbé-Duval has been committed to and passionate about contemporary art from a very early time. He created a contemporary art gallery in Rennes where he will promote the works of Hans Hartung, Jean Messagier, Pierre Soulages, Vladimir Vélikovic and Bram van Velde. From 1977 to 1979, along with Pierre Nahon and Patrice Trigano, he opened the Beaubourg 2 gallery, located in front of an important new place for contemporary art: the Centre Georges-Pompidou. Henri Jobbé-Duval is an eclectic man passionate about the arts, and is one of the key players in the development and success the Salon du Livre and the Salon Nautique, his second passion. He is today the Commissioner-General of the Révélations fair.

Alain Lardet
Honorary Chairman, Designers' Days (France)

After studying Art History, Alain Lardet began a career dedicated to the promotion of design. Having formed productive partnerships with Mobilier International and Castelli, he became the associate director of Danese and CEO of Frau-France, a subsidiary of Poltrona Frau. He is a founding member of Designer's Days of which he is also Honorary Chairman and Chairman of the Bourse Agora for design, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Hermès Foundation.

Alice Morgaine
Art and Design Consultant, Artistic Director of Hermès (Luxembourg)

Born in 1938, Alice Morgaine began her career with Carmen Tessier at France Soir. From 1962 to 1978, she was a journalist for L'Express before working at the journal American Preservation from 1978 to 1979. She then became editor of Jardin des Modes from 1979 to 1997 before becoming artistic director of La Verrière Hermès in Brussels from 1999 to 2012. Today she is an art and design consultant for the artistic director of Hermès.

Serge Nicole
President of Ateliers d'Art de France, President of Révélations

Born in 1955, Serge Nicole was from the very beginning of his career drawn to creation and fine crafts. After studying architecture in Bordeaux, he turned to ceramics. A member of the Académie Internationale de Céramique, he makes his living from his porcelain creations. He participates in various professional fairs and sells his creations in France, Japan, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. In the early 2000's, arguing that fine craftsworkers do not have the recognition and the image they deserve, he engaged in collective action. President of the Ateliers d'Art de France since 2006, Serge Nicole's objective is to restore the rightful place of the crafts sector within the art professions. He was elected Secretary General of the Institut National des Métiers d'Art in 2010. In 2012, Serge Nicole officially announced the creation of the Union Nationale des Métiers d'Art, of which he is president. In 2013, still under his presidency, the Ateliers d'Art de France launches Révélations, the first and only art biennale dedicated to contemporary creation.

Béatrice Salmon
Director of the Musées des Arts Décoratifs (France)

Born in 1960, Beatrice Salmon began her career in 1984 as Director of the Regional Contemporary Arts Fund (FRAC) for Brittany in Rennes. In 1987, she became Advisor of Fine Arts at the Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate (DRAC) of the Centre Region until 1992 when she spent one year as Chief Inspector of Artistic Creation at the Délégation aux Arts Plastiques in Paris. She then took up the post as director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nancy until 1999. Since 2000, Beatrice Salmon is the director of the Musées des Arts décoratifs in Paris.