At Révélations, all the wealth of France’s territories is shown beyond national frontiers

Révélations is enhancing its offer and welcoming exhibitors who reflect the great quality and diversity of French know-how, nourished by the cultural wealth of each region.

The biennial's dimension puts fine craft professionals in the national limelight, whilst offering the vitality and the vivacity of French regions a showcase on the international stage.

New participants :

  • Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • Occitanie

They have renewed their trust and support to the creators of their region :

  • Paris
  • Grand Est
  • Centre Val de Loire

The associations and organisations are committing again :

  • Ateliers de Paris
  • Les Grands Ateliers
  • Label EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)
  • Luxe et Excellence
  • CNC - Conseil National du Cuir

And many others to come !