Revelations 2019 : get ready for a round-the-world voyage of creation

Elisabeth Picard (Canada) _ Pomme de Touline | Macarena Salinas (Chile) _ Unidad | Om Prakash Galav (India) _ Kagzi Pottery | Hanne Friis (Norway) _ Nuances in blue and black | Mercedes Vicente (Spain) _ Cignus | Mehdi Shirahmadi (Iran) | Catherine Grace Landman (Luxembourg) _ Pincushion

Meet creators from all over the world at Revelations

With 33 countries attending, the 2019 edition will once again be marked by a dramatic increase of international participants. Compared to 2017, twice as many regions of the world will be represented, making the Revelations biennial a key event worldwide. This spectacular increase in participants will allow you to enjoy creative and cultural encounters, who will most certainly be exotic as well as dreamlike.

At Revelations, you’ll be able to talk to the finest creators from four continents and discover new approaches and techniques. Revelations 2019 encourages you to be guided and surprised by these creations with Oriental, African or Nordic influences.

Highlight of this incentive to dialogue with cultures, you will get the chance to discover the international exhibition Le Banquet, installed in the nave of the Grand Palais. Praising the universality of fine crafts and creation, it is composed of archipelagos, represented by different exhibition islands each dedicated to a given region of the world. 11 countries will be represented at this 2019 edition, 8 for whom it will be a first, located on centre stage to make more notable all the creativity and richness of daring creations, such as the exceptional participation of Iran, India or South Africa. 

A greatly noticeable European presence

This international ambition is highlighted by a thoroughly visible European participation.

Right at the entrance, the World Crafts Council Europe will present a panorama and contemporary perception of European fine crafts. Through twenty or so pieces, you’ll be able to learn how the 24 creators nowadays approach materials’ work. A part of the World Crafts Council, the World Crafts Council Europe will celebrate its 40th anniversary at Revelations, captivated by a dynamic driven by this large-scale event. 

Europe is also represented by the Norwegian Hanne Friis, through her piece Nuances in blue and black, chosen to promote this 4th edition. This monumental sculpture, arises as the result of an enormous work assembling then sewing blue and black jeans, will have a prime position in the showcase of the Grand Palais. 

At last, the discovery of the whole European dimension of Revelations will be perfected by Luxembourg selected as country of honour. Bordered by France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg is at the very heart of Europe and promises, just like it did during the 2017 edition, to amaze you with the singularity of its contemporary creators’ savoir-faire and talent.