The Republic of Chile is the country of honour for this 3rd edition. A project-manifesto in memory of the immense international artist Violeta Parra and to celebrate the centenary of her birth has spurred the Republic of Chile's representation at the show.

The Chilean Minister for Culture Ernesto Ottone Ramirez

The Chilean Minister for Culture Ernesto Ottone Ramirez © PhotoProEvent

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After South Korea in 2015, the Republic of Chile will be the country of honour for this 3rd edition of the fine art and creation biennial.

The CNAC (National Council for Art and Culture) and, more specifically, the Republic of Chile's Minister for Culture, Ernesto Ottone Ramirez, are the initiators of this project which is equally exciting from a cultural as from an economic point of view.

They have appointed the director of the Tomás Lago American Popular Art Museum (MAPA), Nury Gonzales, as commissioner for the exhibition. 

Nury Gonzales will also be in charge of scenography for the Republic of Chile's stand, which she will be designing and devising in association with the designer, Pablo Nuñez.

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It is within the context of a project-manifesto in memory of the immense international artist Violeta Parra and to celebrate the centenary of her birth that the Republic of Chile will be imagining and conceptualising its presence at the heart of the Révélations show. 

The most innovative and the most exciting talents from Chile's artistic scene, previously selected by the exhibition commissioner, will be presented for the first time within Paris's Grand Palais and will unveil the great vivacity of Chilean fine craft. 


Jeweller, textile creator, engraver, sculptor... highly attached to the contemporaneousness of their creations, Chilean fine craftworkers often revamp ancestral techniques. Sneak preview of four exhibitors.

Walka Design

"Andes" par Walka Design © DR

Walka refers to the sacred necklaces that a mother offers her daughter among the Aymara people. It was also the name chosen by Claudia Betancourt and Nano Pulgar when they founded their jewellery workshop in 2003. She studied Literature and Tourism whilst developing her craft work; he is a lawyer, actively involved in innovation. 

Over a subtle medley of art and design, their work is highly popular in the magazines that have helped forge their excellent reputation, which has already been rewarded by a number of prizes and exhibitions.

Paola Moreno

Detalle 2 par Paola Moreno © DR

Paola Moreno has obtained both a diploma in textile design and a Master’s Degree in the History of Art. Professor at the Catholic University of Chile, she is a member of the national Textile Conservation committee, of Chile Crea Textile and of the Centre of Textile Art. 

She has a particular predilection for rare know-how and materials. Her work contributes towards preserving rarely applied age-old techniques, such as those discovered on Easter Island for example.

Lise Moller

Bulto Cochayuyo par Lise Moller © DR

Lise Moller perfected her knowledge in ceramic, drawing, sculpture, engraving, history of art and philosophy in the United States and Spain. As a teacher, she welcomes her students to her workshop and her pieces can now be found among a number of collections. 

Her preferred material is cochayuyo, an edible bull kelp she gathers on the Chilean coast. It is a fleeting, organic and flexible material with which she creates compact forms that evoke chaos.

Marcela Undurraga

Création de Marcela Undurraga © DR

Marcela Undurraga studied Graphic Art before joining the University Finis Terrae School of Ceramic. 

Her passion for the human collective memory is palpable in her geometric clay pieces which are often conical, pyramidal or cylindrical, leaving empty spaces to transpire, over transparencies that are evocative of memory loss. 

Structures that prefigure the fate of man as something that is both built and broken, something forgotten.


Juan Betancourt, Cristobal Betancourt, Pascale Lehmann, Walka, Mauricio Clavero Kozlowski/ Eliana Carter, Paola Moreno, Lise Moller, Juan Carlos Orellana, Rodolfo Castro, Claudia Hurtado/ Nochamalen, Cristiàn Molina, Egon Munoz, Marco Paillamilla, Juan Lobos, Ruth Krauskopf, Carolina Yrrazabal, Paulina Brugnoli, Constanza Urrutia, Carlos Reyes, Collectif Rari.