Initiated and organised by Ateliers d'Art de France since 2013, Révélations is the international fine craft and creation appointment not to be missed. The biennial reunites a constantly increasing and prestigious audience: general public, amateurs and collectors, architects, decorators, gallery owners, purchasing offices, but also artistic directors and luxury goods houses

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© PhotoProEvent

In 2017, 400 French and international exhibitors engaged in quality dialogue with some 40,268 visitors over a total of 160 stands.


  • Révélations is the event that reunites around fine craft and creation
    Take part in an event held in the heart of Paris and promote your workshop, your manufacturing house, your brand's exceptional know-how, excellence and creativity.
  • Révélations is an economic appointment
    Meet with new buyers, initiate new orders, establish contact with subscribers, extend your business and partner network, generate projects and reinforce your existing clientele.
  • Révélations conveys image
    Benefit from a large-scale communication campaign (display, press relations, advertising, media partners) towards a prime target.
  • Révélations is the voice of a dynamic, ever-changing sector
    Take part in debates and reflection on the challenges and the changes facing the fine craft and creation sector thanks to opportunities for exchange (conferences, films, symposium).

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of the 2017 exhibitors wish to participate in Révélations 2019

*Source : SESA Marketing 2017

of the exhibitors are satisfied with the number of visitors in 2017

*Source : SESA Marketing 2017

of the exhibitors are satisfied with the communication plan of the biennial

*Source : SESA Marketing 2017

of the exhibitors are satisfied with the selection of exhibitors in 2017

*Source : SESA Marketing 2017

International visitors were essentially from*: USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom

'Marvellous. It was our first edition as exhibitors, our house met with great success, we are delighted with the mix of professionals and private visitors, we were able to approach both audiences and that is a very rich blend, we easily found our place, the site is marvellous, more than just efficient it's also very pleasant'

Maison Duvelleroy - Fan manufacturer

Exhibitor at Révélations 2017



Individual or shared stand
From a minimum of 12m² (for shared stands, minimum 4m² per exhibitor, i.e. for a 12m² stand: maximum of 3 exhibitors)
€510 per m² excl. VAT

Registration fee: €270 excl. VAT (per exhibitor)


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An Artistic Steering Committee ensures a select choice of exhibitors and guarantees that each exhibited piece unveils a high level of know-how, complemented by a remarkable artistic approach. The committee is composed of international personalities from the world of contemporary creation, fine craft, the press, architecture, galleries or luxury goods.



Under the Nave of the Grand Palais, the biennial will be occupying a further 300m² to offer, amidst its iconic small squares, access to the works of 400 creators.

Révélations 4 will be maintaining the same identity-based scenography, deployed on either side of the main aisle which will, once more, be welcoming the international exhibition, The Banquet.