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May 2015

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  • Editorial by Serge Nicole
  • Editorial by Henri Jobbé-Duval
  • The second opus of Révélations
  • The new Artistic Steering Committee
  • South Korea honoured
  • The Banquet exhibition
  • Exhibitor portraits
  • Nordic countries
  • Patronage via the Ateliers d'Art de France Foundation
  • Programme
  • Ateliers d'Art de France
  • List of exhibitors
  • Practical information and press contacts
Serge Nicole, President of Ateliers d'Art de France, President of the Révélations fair

Serge Nicole, President of Ateliers d'Art de France, President of the Révélations fair © Yann Piriou

Editorial by Serge Nicole

President of Ateliers d'Art de France, President of the Révélations fair

"Works whose technical virtuosity and great artistic sensitivity bear witness, once more this year, to the brilliance of fine craftsmanship"

It was with much emotion that Révélations, the first international biennial of fine craft and creation, was held under our very eyes in September 2013 in the emblematic venue of the Grand Palais in Paris. This major initiative, with immense consequences, has offered fine craft and material artists a genuine place in the creative future. Thanks to our will and our tenacity, we have overcome many obstacles and have witnessed, on the 18th of June 2014, the advent of the law acknowledging fine craft as an economic sector and proffering us, under the watchful eye of the Ministries of Culture and Craft, with a legal form of existence.

Any objective observer to social change can but be stunned by the place that the fine craft sector has come to occupy over recent years. It has taken on the world's pace and is now in phase with the movement of humanity. Attended over four days by around 34,000 visitors, the first edition of Révélations revealed to us all the great singularity, the dynamic skills and, first and foremost, the boundless creativity of those who boast great command in this specific field.

This year, we received over 500 applications - a record! One by one, they have been assessed by the new Artistic Steering Committee which rigorously selects the fair's exhibiting artists. Works whose technical virtuosity and great artistic sensitivity bear witness, once more this year, to the brilliance of fine craftsmanship. In a true spirit of openness, this second edition of Révélations will be resolutely international, welcoming over fifteen different countries. The 2013 Banquet exhibition, with its nine vast tables, will be evolving in the form of archipelagos comprised of several islets, each one presenting a region, a country or a continent and paving the way towards an initiatory journey into the world of modern fine craft creation. Over a hundred iconic pieces will offer a didactic insight into creative approaches from across the globe.

South Korea will be succeeding Norway as our guest of honour, hence inaugurating the French-Korean crosscollaboration years, initiated by the French Institute under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Why Korea? Our two countries share thousand-year-old tradition in fine craft and an incredible wealth of artistic culture. Via the KCDF (Korea Craft and Design Foundation), the general public, fine craft professionals and French and foreign collectors will discover the creative capacity of the Korean craftworkers who will come to exhibit over a 150m2 stand enhanced with scenography by the Seoul-based studio Void Planning.

An emblematic biennial of fine craft, Révélations also offers an incredible environment for reflection, sharing and emulation. On this occasion, Ateliers d'Art de France will be organising an original symposium during which the sector's stakeholders from across the globe will discuss the current fine craft situation in their respective territories and will exchange their views on the sector's future challenges.

I would like to warmly thank all exhibitors, partners, Artistic Steering Committee members and South Korea, this year's country of honour, for their commitment and their profound enthusiasm. It is a great joy to see Révélations, one of our own creations, take form once more!

Henri Jobbé-Duval, Commissaire général du salon Révélations

Henri Jobbé-Duval, General Commissioner of the Révélations fair

Editorial by Henri Jobbé-Duval

General Commissioner of the Révélations fair

"Over 15 countries will be exhibiting under the glass vault of the Grand Palais, hence elevating this event to the leading role among world encounters for modern fine craft creation"

It is with much enthusiasm that I have joined Ateliers d'Art de France once more to bring to fruition a second edition of Révélations, more selective yet more open to the world. I am delighted to share with you again the moving sensation of emulation we all experienced in 2013 and that spurred me personally some years ago!

After the success of the 2013 edition, it appeared essential that this emblematic event be offered continuity; hence the 2015 edition of Révélations will be maintaining all the values it exemplifies, with the return of a minimalist scenography of oak openwork, designed by the Gardère studio, thus breaking classical exhibition codes and highlighting the intense relationship with matter. Révélations' flagship exhibition and its very backbone is in the form of The Banquet which, this year, will be creating a brand new event via a revamped scenographic concept and a decidedly international editorial content. This quite unique exhibition area, reuniting over ten countries, offers a fine perspective of material artists' creative potential. Visitors can meander their way through a hundred original works, scrupulously selected by the exhibition commissioners chosen by each country, from South Korea to Senegal, from the Netherlands to Japan, from the Czech Republic to Italy...

For, indeed, this international dimension is one of this second edition's major priorities! Over 15 countries will be exhibiting under the glass vault of the Grand Palais, hence elevating this event to the leading role among world encounters for modern fine craft creation.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that this year's edition will be made possible thanks to the painstaking efforts of the Artistic Steering Committee, comprised of personalities with asserted and complementary sensitivities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their commitment. Over 300 candidates will, thus, be offered a chance to take part in this prestigious event (craftworkers, young talents, art galleries, foundations...) and to unveil the pieces they have created specially for Révélations!

A place for originality, a place for discoveries, a place for encounters and exchange, Révélations 2015 is intensifying its programme with new films, increasingly specialised conferences held by experts, performances, children's workshops, guided visits, a specially devised offer to suit prescribers via tailor-made tours... Révélations 2015 promises to highlight each and every brilliant facet of the many talents boasted by all these trades within a truly prestigious setting. To conclude, I would like to thank, not only all the participants and partners who have placed their trust in us and who, convinced by the fair's first edition, have renewed their participation in this fantastic adventure, such as Roederer for example, but also all those who have chosen to join the great Révélations family: Brûlerie Caron, Fauchon, Pébéo, the Paris City Council... and others such as the glove maker Olivier Fabre, Théodor fine teas and the Banque Populaire corporate foundation who have enabled a young talent stand to be funded! It is my wish that all participants and visitors to Révélations 2015 will find, under the nave of the Grand Palais, many opportunities for encounters, discoveries and fruitful exchange. Viva Révélations!

The second opus of Révélations

From 10th to 13th September 2015, Révélations will be reuniting a profusion of french and international creators

© Photoproevent

300 exhibitors from fifteen different countries, craftworkers, visual artists, designers, galleries, foundations, artwork manufactures, houses of excellence, art schools... all members of the same family committed to an intimate confrontation with matter and contemplation, will be revealing the creative capacity that inspires them under this emblematic glass vault.

Presided over by Serge Nicole - the president of Ateliers d'Art de France, the leading fine craft professional federation - Révélations promises to be the year's leading cultural event. The biennial's first edition, held in September 2013, welcomed 33,794 visitors, collectors, interior architects, professional buyers, gallery owners, prescribers and art enthusiasts... And once more, under the watchful eye of the modern art aficionado Henri Jobbé-Duval, co-founder of the FIAC, the second edition of Révélations is reasserting its quite singular identity: the demand for exemplary quality by the new Artistic Steering Committee; the Studio Gardère's scenography focusing on openness and transparency without hierarchy; the advent of the avant-garde; the renewal of The Banquet exhibition, the fair's very backbone; the intensified international dimension; the links with public and private stakeholders from the world of art and culture; the conviction that access to culture must be guaranteed for the largest possible audience.

2015 will be honouring South Korea at the dawn of the French-Korean cross-collaboration years and will be offering a presentation of pieces by over 22 creators. The second edition's novelty lies, in particular, in the setting for The Banquet, the fair's central exhibition, in the form of islets reuniting creations from countries or groups of countries that represent stylistic unity. Resolutely international, the biennial aims at positioning itself as a forerunner in the exploration of regions of the world whose artistic creation has, to date, benefited from little exposure in France.

The international biennial contemporary craft and creation fair is more than just an exhibition, it is a cultural rendezvous. A genuine business encounter, the fair's five days will offer many an opportunity for close contact and shared experiences between creators and visitors. The public will discover original objects to offer, collectors will unearth remarkable unique pieces, whilst professionals will place orders and certain galleries will come to detect promising artists.

Beyond its role as a cultural event, Révélations is also an economic event which contributes towards promoting a sector with exceptional potential. Divided since 2003 into 217 specific disciplines from 19 different sectors, fine craft currently reunites around 38,000 businesses in France and generates an annual turnover of 8 billion Euros. Fine craft trades, although an essential ingredient in the artistic creation economy and despite increasing public interest, remain relatively unknown. Révélations unveils the singularity of fine craft professionals, all of whom are spurred by the same creative inspiration, freedom of expression, sense of rigour and great sensitivity to matter. From their ideas to their finished works, they create, design and shape unique pieces or limited editions within their studios and workshops.

Révélations lets the excellence of contemporary creation and the emancipation that characterises today's fine crafts sparkle across the globe.

The new Artistic Steering Committee

Alain Chiglien and Robert
Nilsson © DR.

Alain Chiglien and Robert Nilsson
Co-founders of the Galerie NeC, Alain Chiglien and Robert Nilsson are specialists in modern ceramics. From Paris to Hong-Kong, the Franco-Swiss duo exhibits and promotes internationally renowned French and Scandinavian artists. The Galerie NeC, already present at The Banquet in 2013, was keen to prove its commitment to Révélations once more by actively participating in its selection.

Alice Morgaine © Gabriel - Axel Soussan;

Alice Morgaine

Art and design consultant for Hermès International, Alice Morgaine was also artistic director at La Verrière, the Fondation Hermès exhibition area in Brussels. Already a committee member for the first edition, during which she noted weaknesses in certain applications, Alice Morgaine highlights that "they are of far greater quality this year, for candidates have been invited to present their very best."

Antoine de Galbert © DR.

Antoine de Galbert

Art enthusiast and collector, Antoine de Galbert opened his first gallery in Grenoble in the 1980s. He is the founder and president of the Maison Rouge in Paris, a French modern art foundation which acquired state approval in 2003.

Antoine Leperlier © Didier Goupy.

Antoine Leperlier

Initiated by his grandfather to the art of molten glasswork, Antoine Leperlier, in turn, became a glass artist. Already rewarded by leading art prizes, he participates in many conferences and colloquiums focusing on the fine craft sector. His artistic viewpoint enables him to highlight the importance of "doing" in art and in handling different materials.

Claude Aïello © DR.

Claude Aïello

The ceramic artist Claude Aïello, a certified Living Heritage Company, has worked in collaboration with leading modern designers such as Ronan Bouroullec and Frédéric Ruyant. In 2010, along with Mathieu Lehanneur, he won the Bettencourt Schueller Prize for the intelligence of the hand, in the "Dialogues" category.

Guy Boyer © Manolo Mylonas.

Guy Boyer

This journalist and art critic was director of Beaux-Arts Magazine until 1998, when he took over the L'OEil review from 1999 to 2001. Today, he is editorial director for Connaissance des Arts, a magazine which, under his impetus, has been publishing an annual special issue on fine craft since 2012.

Julien Lombrail © Courtesy Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

Julien Lombrail

Along with Loïc le Gaillard, Julien Lombrail is co-founder of the Carpenters Workshop Gallery. An exhibitor at many fairs and shows, Julian Lombrail has chosen to continue his commitment, following the display of some of his works during the 2013 Banquet, by joining the Artistic Steering Committee.

Jeong - Soo Lee © DR.

Jeong - Soo Lee

As director of the Korean Cultural Centre in Paris, Jeong-Soo Lee encourages the development of exchange between France and Korea, the 2015 edition's guest of honour.

Odile Decq © Markus Deutschmann;

Odile Decq

As an architect, Odile Decq has designed - in particular - the extension the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, the FRAC in Rennes and the restaurant in the Palais Garnier opera house in Paris. Among her many prizes, she was awarded the "Femme Architecte" prize in 2013, by the then Minister for Culture Aurélie Filippetti, and she created the Institute for innovation and creative architectural strategies in Lyon. Resolutely committed to helping young artists, Odile Decq is keen to reveal new talent. Révélations is the perfect opportunity to discover gifted young creators.

Mark Lyman © DR.

Mark Lyman

Mark Lyman, of American origin, is the founder of the prestigious SOFA (Sculpture Objects & Functional Art) show held in Chicago. In 2000, he received the Visionaries! Award from the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

Renaud Dutreil © DR.

Renaud Dutreil

Former Minister for SMEs behind the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) quality label, he published the official list of the 217 fine craft trades for the first time in 2003. He is presently member of the Board of Directors of the New School/Parsons School for Design (New York) and is President of the famous Parsons School of design (Paris).

Yves Mikaeloff © DR.

Yves Mikaeloff

An architect and collector, Yves Mikaeloff is also cofounder of the Biennale des Antiquaires, now a leading and highly popular event among antique dealers and collectors from across the globe. And it is precisely because he firmly believes in fine craft trades, which are so precious to France, both politically and socially, that Yves Mikaeloff is committed to helping the Révélations fair.

South Korea guest of honour

After Norway for the 2013 edition, the time has come to honour the land of the morning calm.

Kanghyo Lee © Woojin Park; Myungsung Kim © GIC Biennale; Jucheol Yun © Choi Dae-Kyu; Chunbok Lee © Kwangchoon park.

Not a surprising choice, given that strong links have been forged between Ateliers d'Art de France and the Korea Craft and Design Foundation since 2010. The aim of the KCDF, a public institution coordinated by the Korean Ministry of Culture, is to preserve, support and promote the fine craft of this country where a great wealth of craft traditions have successfully evolved to satisfy the demands of the modern world and to become a strong and productive economic sector.

At the dawn of the 2015-2016 French-Korean cross-collaboration years, initiated by the French Institute under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Révélations will be duly honouring the precision, eternal delicacy and the modern aesthetic inventiveness of Korean craftworkers, by reserving for them a prime position: 150m2 at the foot of the Grand Palais' balcony of honour. To ensure this prestigious set fittingly hosts pieces by 22 artists, the Korea Craft and Design Foundation has entrusted its exhibition area's scenography to the Seoul-based studio Void Planning, a talented and imaginative duo with many prizes to its credit for installations in international shows and fairs.

Ceramic, lacquer, mother-of-pearl and paper, the fine jewels of Korea's cultural heritage crown, are now subtly refashioned by creators, who will also be exhibiting their works in wood, stone and metal.

Among them, Jucheol Yun, a ceramist already renowned and appreciated in France, focuses his work on the Chumjang technique which is the basis of traditional celadon pottery (Buncheong). Considering that artistic craftsmanship should neither content itself with tradition nor obstinately concentrate on exclusively modern creation, the ceramist works via experimental research aimed at reinterpreting the quite singular technique of traditional enamelling referred to as Guiyal which can include up to thirty very fine layers of coloured pigments, provoking a
striking impression of depth.

Kanghyo Lee, another internationally renowned ceramist, also deeply inspired by the Buncheong legacy, but also by the Onggi technique using porous terra cotta and dating from the Antiquity, seeks inspiration in meditation and contemplation. When he creates, in the form of a dance round matter, all five senses are aroused, letting loose a vital and spiritual energy of which his pieces, which play on hues of white, grey and black, some of them monumental, are the tranquil reflection.

In the drawings that adorn the surface of her pieces, the ceramist and painter Myungsung Kim seeks to break the frontiers between dreams and reality. Through her vagabond inspiration, a fantastic image unfolds, the world allows itself to be perceived from a strange angle, reality is distorted. Beyond sensual creativity, the effect undoubtedly also stems from the sophisticated technique employed, combining delicate drawings and vivid colours cast using an airbrush.

Hyunju Kim © Kwangchoon Park; Woorim Kang © Wonyong Song; Bomi Park © Point Studio; Heesung Koh © Kwangchoon Park.

Chunbok Lee magnifies white porcelain in his architectural pieces comprised of small openworked features akin to lace, juxtaposed, inspired by nature and upon which he likes to leave the mark of his sculptor's fingers. Forms that shape secret corners, intimate areas, refusing strict lines and preferring matness. Transparency, whiteness and simplicity are the words that epitomise the artist's work.

Recently graduated from the Hongik University faculty of fine arts, Woorim Kang had no intention of letting the years go by before approaching wood and shaping it into his own vision of modern furniture. The result: aerially aesthetic seats, with audacious, gentle and simple lines that never forget to be welcoming, devoted to the comfortable ease of anyone wishing to rest there and to drift into reverie.

Bomi Park's furniture collection Afterimage Furniture offers disquieting optical illusions. Produced from entangled wire mesh, her pieces shimmer like mirages, changing depending on light and the observer's viewpoint. A graphic and astonishing visual approach, almost pixelated, which plays with both wit and command on traditional Asian furniture design.

Heeseung Koh is a modern jewellery designer whose indepth inspiration preserves truly Korean echoes. However, in her work, tradition does not prevail over resolutely and deliberately modern aesthetics. Supple and organic forms, sometimes strictly geometrical, a medley of rigour and roundness, an alliance of materials: painted wood, precious metals and semi-precious stones, a colour range reduced to silver, gold, red and blue comprise her precious and delicate collections.

The 22 exhibiting artists:

Bomi Park; Chunbok Lee; Heeseung Koh; Hyewook Huh; Hyunju Kim; Jaehyo Lee; Jimin Kim; Jinhee Kwon; Joohyung Park; Jucheol Yun; June Lee; Junggyu Yi; Junghong Park; Kanghyo Lee; Kyounghwa Jun; Kyoungtaek Roh; Myungsun Kim; Sejin Bae; Woorim Kang; Yeonhee Ryu; Youngkuwan Jung; Yunhee Lee.

The Banquet exhibition

The Banquet is Révélations' grande finale - an invitation to stroll through a museum exhibition of the most spectacular pieces the world's fine craft has to offer.

© Studio Gardère

And because the word Révélations offers us the sound "rêve", the hundred or so works exhibited at the very heart of the fair, entrusted by artists, galleries, museums and collectors from different participating countries, aspire to reflect the great excellence of today's creation and the emancipation that epitomises contemporary fine craft.

A visual feast that offers proof that visual artists, designers, craftworkers and creators are all members of the same family, engaged in an intimate confrontation with material and with the art of doing. Guardians of culture, worthy heirs to deeprooted traditions, abolishing the hierarchies of practice, genre and matter, they pave the way towards the future of fine craft. The Banquet exalts both beauty and audacity, the wealth that stems from diversity or from heterogeneity. Hence, this year's project has sought to reinforce the fair's international dimension. The multiplicity of countries represented, just like the eclecticism of techniques illustrated, highlight the cultural singularities that transpire through the universal values that are shared in fine craft across the globe, in a resolutely contemporary perspective. They are to be interpreted in the form of an international coalition of creative power, emanating equally from Nordic to Asian countries, from European to African nations. And following the example of France, all exhibiting countries have forged reliable partnerships with cultural institutions at the leading edge of creation.

The Banquet, Révélations' backbone, will be held in the centre of the nave of the Grand Palais. The scenography, once more devised by the Studio Gardère, will be reiterating the same aims as for the first edition, but via a new installation of geographical inspiration. The original avenue will become a river or a sound, whilst the long exhibition tables will be replaced by ten archipelagos, each comprised of several islets, each representing a country, a region of the world or a continent. The curvilinear organic forms of these archipelagos are an invitation to travel a world of creation that flows freely yet is solidly set within the intimacy of contemplation, through an array of techniques and materials.

Such is the artistic amble that awaits the fair's visitors, as they stroll past exceptional pieces on loan from ten different countries. Each archipelago is designed by a personality from the world of fine craft, culture and art. Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland will be interpreted by Marianne Zamecznik. The textile designer Aissa Dione will be offering the set for iconic pieces from Senegalese and Togolese workshops, whilst among French artists, visitors will discover original works by Françoise Vergier, Hervé Wahlen, Clémence Van Lunen... under the learned eye of the glass artist Antoine Leperlier. The Galerie Kuzebauch in Prague, courtesy of Mr Petr Novy, chief curator of the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou, will be setting the spotlight on Czechoslovakian glass art. The Crafts Council Nederland will in turn be selecting artists of matter from the Netherlands. The Hand in Hand federation, in partnership with the Taiwan Cultural Centre in Paris, will be presenting astounding pieces on the theme of bamboo. Finally, Jaehyo Lee and Yunhee Lee will be representing the archipelago of South Korea, this year's country of honour, via a scenography devised by the talented duo at Void Planning. Italy and Japan will also be unveiling their audacious creations.

The Banquet is designed to be shared, to offer dialogue between different fine craft trades. But also between works of art and initiated spectators, who are sure to find many sources of discovery and wonder. Indisputably, they will seize this exceptional offering with appetency and it will surely transform their perception.

Exhibitor portraits

A powerfully revitalised second edition thanks to the arrival of art galleries, youg talents and exceptional creators

A record over 500 applications were submitted, among which more than 85% had already exhibited at the first edition and were keen to renew the experience. Around 300 craftworkers, artwork manufactures, galleries, French and international houses of excellence, associations, private and public institutions, schools... have been selected to unveil their skills within this prestigious venue.

Bérengère Paris © DR

Association Les traces habiles

The Les Traces Habiles association is an observatory of drawings associated with creative processes in several sectors and in fine craft in particular. Via a call for applications, the association has collected drawings from thirty fine craft professionals to exhibit them on its stand. The majority of these drawings are sketches and outlines of creations which were later materialised or not.

© DR

Atelier Emmanuel Barrois

Emmanuel Barrois is a glass designer and artist who produces exceptional pieces for a range of fields. In 2013, he worked with the house of Guerlain on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the "Bee bottle", on the facade of the Fond Régional d'Art Contemporain in Marseilles in partnership with the architect Kengo Kuma, and for the Louis Vuitton Foundation. Awarded the title of Maître d'Art in 2010, Emmanuel Barrois works particularly on art pieces for the modern architecture that surrounds us. This year, he will be focusing on the new roof of the Forum des Halles in Paris and will even be transforming his stand at the Révélations fair into a work of art made of glass.

© DR

Atelier Rayssac

Etienne Raysacc, awarded the title of Maître d'Art in 2008, is a Paris-based sculptor and ornamentist. Using drawings or photographs, he reproduces, not only individual pieces of furniture, but entire decorative sets such as the Shiseido boutique in the Palais Royal. A certified EPV (Living Heritage Company) since 2010, he also intervenes on historic monument restoration projects. Over the past fifteen years, he has been working in close collaboration with the Pinto interior architecture and design consultancy.

© DR

Benoît Averly

The cabinetmaker Benoît Averly very quickly made a name for himself in his speciality. Winner of several prizes (the Ateliers d'Art de France young creators' contest, the American Association of Woodturners Purchase Award, etc.), he explores wood in all its shapes and sizes, which he takes pleasure in carving. He creates works with clean lines and striking contrast, playing on light, line and texture. The contemporary spirit of his work has enabled him to integrate a number of sites across the globe: in France, Dubai, Mexico and Japan. His creations, in the form of free-standing pieces or mural sculptures, are also appreciated by many interior architects.

© Gilles Cohen

Claire Wolfstirn

Claire Wolfstirn is an industrial designer and graphic artist. Her personal predilection for the intimately physical contact with matter and the relationship between body and object has led her to focus on jewellery design. Inspired by the coherence and the power of geometrical forms and nature, she presents pure and elegant pieces that stretch the very limits of fragility and delicacy.

© Thomas Deschamps

Dorothée Loriquet

She discovered sculpture in 2002 and was immediately fascinated by shape and volume. Dorothée Loriquet uses colour which transpires as frank, lively, sometimes even garish. The tonality of her pieces ranges from white to black, via blood red, violet, candy pink, orange, royal blue and lemon yellow. The visual identity of this second edition of Révélations is perfectly illustrated by the ceramist's piece, playing on this emptiness, contributing towards the vitality of her resolutely modern pieces.

© DR

Elie Hirsch

A graduated craftworker in ceramic design and metal sculpture, Elie Hirsch has won several competitions. Initially a sculptor, he first focused on large formats, later to move on to smaller pieces by creating a line of jewellery for Henri Selmer, a saxophone and clarinet manufacturer. He exhibits his pieces at Maison&Objet, at the SOFA show in New York, with the Saatchi Gallery at the London Collect show, and also participates in a number of exhibitions such as the recent AD Collection.

© Olivier Deléage

Hub Design Editions

Hub Design Editions is a young company producing editions of decorative objects and furniture, created in 2012 in Saint-Etienne by two passionate designers. The company's aim is to stimulate both pleasure and astonishment through shapes, plays on light and materials via its commitment to its partner creators, craftworkers and industrial firms. The Hub Design Editions stand will be presenting creations by Georges Stahl, a glass sculptor, in partnership with Eric Jourdan and Alainpers, together with pieces made by Eric Jourdan for the glassmakers La Rochère.

© Benoît Martin

Jérôme Dayot

It is through their desire to satisfy the demands of the strictest creativity that the Jérôme Dayot workshop, in partnership with young designers, designs and creates modern furniture, either as unique pieces or limited editions. Its artistic cabinetwork is conducted following ancestral rules and traditions, applied to serve contemporary design.

© Sebastien Duchamp

Karima Duchamp

A Fine Arts graduate, Karima Duchamp freely explores clay and colour in her ceramics. Her sculptures, drawings and installations are based on her observation of sensitive phenomena. Her pieces are of repetitive, straight and rigid geometric forms, the surface of which expresses all the artist's emotion. She has pursued her exploration over artist residencies, in particular in 2015 when she travelled to the United States, and in 2013 to Japan.

© DR

La forge de style

Franck Chartrain is a wrought iron craftsman and artist with over 15 years of experience in the luxury market. He created his own furniture collection which he has enriched via contacts with major artists and decorators (Lalanne, Marino, Pinto...). He works on metal, combining it with other noble materials. Each piece is signed and numbered

© DR

Léa Van Impe

Léa Van Impe is a ceramist and visual artist who produces contemporary creations using traditional fine craft techniques. She invents an organic language and plays on the suppleness, density and sensuality of the ancestral material that comprises ceramic. During the fair, she will be exhibiting alongside Sophie Dalla Rosa with whom she is producing four-handed pieces especially for the occasion.

© DR

Lucas de Staël

The Paris-based studio occupied by the young artist Lucas de Staël is a genuine experimentation laboratory where, every day, a new innovative approach to crafted spectacle frame creation is reinvented. His creations are the product of a high-precision technique and result from the fusion of his constant research into increasingly surprising materials and his revamped version of traditional craftsmanship.

Ludovic Avenel

La Maison Avenel designs and produces unique pieces or limited editions of furniture for an international clientele of major decorators and private collectors. Ludovic Avenel studied at the École Boulle, after which he was awarded the Bettencourt Schueller prize for the intelligence of the hand in 2007. He works through a permanent quest for beauty in all forms, via a medley of tradition and innovation.

© Grégoire Pierre

Mydriaz - Paris

Excellence in know-how and modern imagination - this trio of creators of complementary talents revamps the work of the bronze artist by initiating dialogue between design, fine art and applied art. From lighting to furnishing, intermingling nobility and the avant-garde, Mydriaz works a number of themes via an asserted quest for finesse, sensitivity, precision and buoyancy.

Young creative craft at the Grand Palais

The Young Creative Craftworker's Award offers the vanguard of fine craft exceptional exposure by rewarding six artists aged under 35, all selected for their capacity for innovation, their sense of aesthetics and command of their specific skill. The prize consists in offering winners the possibility to exhibit their works within a prestigious setting perfectly in keeping with their ideal market: the International Cultural Heritage Show, Maison&Objet and... Révélations.

Among this year's six winners, three have been distinguished in the "unique piece" category and will be offered the privilege of unveiling their creations to the public under the nave of the Grand Palais: Sébastien Carré, jewellery designer, Kaori Kurihara, ceramist and Xavier Noël, gilder.

© DR

Sébastien Carré

A fine arts graduate from the jewellery section of the École des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, Sébastien Carré suffers from Crohn's disease. He has therefore decided to express his emotions via a series of modern jewellery in the manner of a votive offering. Each piece of jewellery represents an intimate translation of his emotions.

© DR

Kaori Kurihara

Of Japanese origin, Kaori Kurihara first studied drawing and fine arts at the Kohnan high school in Osaka, Japan. She then went on to explore ceramic techniques in Kyoto, before training in jewellery design in France. She defines herself as both a ceramist and a jewellery designer, intermingling techniques borrowed from both worlds within her art. She associates the real and the imaginary and seeks inspiration from natural forms to create the fruits she would like to see truly exist.

© DR

Xavier Noël

Xavier Noël studied for a degree in fine arts then in history of art at the University of Strasbourg, before obtaining a CAP (Professional Aptitude Certificate) as a gilder-ornamentist, then training in gilding at the Atelier Meyer (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). But he quickly felt the need to leave the world of restoration to embark on more personal creations. In 2013, he began to produce a series of ethnic and carnival masks, gilded with gold leaf. Hence, he diverted from the classical use of gold leaf to explore new avenues of artistic expression.

They're back

Certain exhibitors who already attended the 2013 edition will be returning to the glass vault of the Grand Palais with new and ever dazzling creations.

© Photoproevent

Association Libre Art Bitre

L'association encourage la création artistique contemporaine en mettant en place des collaborations entre artisans d'art, designers, plasticiens, graphistes ou encore architectes. À travers cette action, elle soutient et valorise des artistes de renommée internationale. L'association présentera pour cette deuxième édition les projets collaboratifs de la designer Matali Crasset avec des artistes de Bretagne tels que l'Atelier du doreur, Ligne Nature, Brodeline, Fondax...

© Photoproevent

Chavanne/Czarnecka (a+b)

"(a+b)" refers to the creations by a Franco-Polish duo: him - Bruno Chavanne, an artist and painter, her - Alina Czarnecka, a decorative painter and visual artist. Their work ranges from purely pictorial creation to simply decorative applications or interventions. They recently designed a new material - digital printing on brushed aluminium with finishing touches in resin. For their second participation at the fair, they will be presenting panels, pictures and furniture. These singular pieces stem from their most recent graphic research using diversified media and the latest generation in resin.

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Création Desmarchelier

François Desmarchelier is a passionate cabinetmaker and designer, with the title of master craftsman. For 30 years, he has been creating luxury modern furniture in solid precious woods, following the strictest cabinetmaking tradition. His designs are fine illustrations of elegance, his realisations full of finesse, his choice of wood genuinely luminous. On the occasion of Révélations, he is building a piano that will require 450 hours of work, at a price of €150,000. The promise of a splendid discovery on his stand!

© Nicolas Spinelli

Emilie Moutard-Martin

Émilie shapes and works feathers to reveal their intrinsic beauty, creating costume accessories like poetic metaphors for which the body offers the perfect setting. Her lines are simple, her forms subdued. This minimalist research translates her desire to truly highlight the raw materials she uses, whilst delicately embracing the body in a gentle whisper. On her stand, she will be presenting original bodice accessories, at the frontier between jewel and garment, together with her "Hunter" coat, designed for Coppélia Pique's autumn-winter 2014-2015 collection, in homage to Niki de Saint Phalle's work.

© J.J L'Héritier

Martine Polisset

Martine Polisset began her training at the Penninghen art school before heading for the École des Métiers d'Art fine craft school in Paris, in the ceramic section. And she found all the freedom of expression she was looking for in the coil technique. Presence, pure lines... what strikes as one discovers her work for the first time is the great forceful line that renders them as archaic as they are contemporary. In September, she will be exhibiting on a stand shared with the town of Biot, displaying new pieces specially produced for the occasion.

Art galleries

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La Galerie Glustin

Created in 1962 in the heart of the Saint-Ouen flea market quarter, the Galerie Glustin has, for three generations, been presenting the excellence of modern creation and of French and Italian antiques. Its international clientele: decorators, collectors and initiated amateurs discover in this gallery "the pleasure of living luxury". During the fair, it will be highlighting in particular the furniture designers Erwan Boulloud and Vittorio Serio, together with the lighting designer Laurent Beyne.

Karen Swami © Mathieu Lombard

La Galerie Minsky

The Galerie Minsky, created nearly 30 years ago, has organised major exhibitions of works by Leonor Fini, Arroyo, Corneille and Matta, together with an array of modern artists such as Ravinder Reddy and Ron Arad. The gallery is keen to defend and support the creative impetus of fine craftworkers. During the fair, it will be honouring a ceramist for whom it has developed particular affection: Karen Swami. Concentrating both on form and matter, she seeks, first and foremost, purity of line and is fascinated by the Asian masters. Porcelain, biscuit, smoke-fired clay, raku... her black and white creations are all unique pieces.

Agathe Saint Girons © Gilles Cohen

La Galerie Elsa Vanier

Since it opened in 2003, the Galerie Elsa Vanier has been exhibiting modern jewellery pieces in a multitude of styles, by jewellery designers from the world over, be they renowned or waiting to be discovered. The gallery's mission is to promote the cultural dimension of the jewellery created by artists who choose rare, precious or fascinating materials as a source of expression. Concurrent to a group of artists it permanently exhibits, the gallery also welcomes creators for temporary exhibitions. At Révélations, it will be reuniting a diversity of different worlds by three artists: Agathe Saint Girons, Claire Wolfstirn and Martin Spreng.

Jean Girel © DR

La Galerie Arcanes

Specialised in earthenware and porcelain, the Galerie Arcanes promotes not only 20th century French ceramic art, but also modern ceramics through permanent exhibits by two renowned French artists: Valérie Hermans and Jean Girel. At Révélations, the gallery will be presenting these two artists, together with the modern animal sculptor Jacques Owczarek, whose works are produced by Susse Fondeur.

Loretta Yang © DR

La Galerie Collection

Ateliers d'Art de France's Collection gallery offers the perfect backdrop for modern fine craft via an exhibition area devoted to unveiling both established artists and promising talent. It organises themed or collective exhibitions that unveil the audacity and the singularity of artists of matter. During Révélations, the gallery will be inviting the Luili Museum in Shanghai to its stand for an exhibition devoted to Loretta Yang, whose works will then be displayed at the gallery late September. Loretta Yang is a pioneer in modern Chinese glass art. Steeped in Asian culture and Buddhist philosophy, she creates divinities set in glass and magnificent lotus flowers that remind us of the fragility and the fleetingness of life. The artist exhibits essentially in Europe and the United States.

"Game of whispers" at Nordic Craft Pavillon, an exhibition on contemporary craft across five countries

Kjersti Lande; Inger Andersson; Deepa Panchamia © DR.

At the Nordic Craft Pavilion visitors will see magic language///game of whispers, an exhibition that presents works by craft artists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. 25 contemporary craft objects are selected with a curatorial process based on the game of whispers.

The Nordic Network of Crafts Associations (NNCA) commissioned Marianne Zamecznik to be the curator for the Nordic Craft Pavilion based on an open call for curators. One of the strengths of crafts field in the Nordic countries is the focus on theoretical development and critical thinking. The five associations work continuously towards stimulating art critics, curators and art historians to specialize on crafts. In this perspective, as magic language///game of whispers involves one curator from each country, the process of making this exhibition also serves to strengthen critical thinking surrounding crafts and exhibition making, and to enhance connections between Nordic curators. Marianne Zamecznik's co-curators are Katrine Borup (DK), Agnieszka Knap (SE), Anna Leoniak (IS), and Katarina Siltavuori (FI).

Magic language///game of whispers is a method developed by Marianne Zamcznik to make an exhibition on contemporary craft across the Nordic region. The selection process is structured like a string, a sort of relay race, where one curator after another selects one work to be included in the show. This is repeated five times which gives a total of 25 works. The process is currently ongoing and so far 15 objects has been selected. The process will be finalized on 3 August.

Marianne Nielsen; OrriFinn Jewels © DR.

Magic language///game of whispers based of a fragment from the text'The Order of Things' by Michel Foucault. It is aiming to re-engage the understanding of how things relate to the world not by separation, but through likeness.

Accompanying the statement, the selectors will receive a description of an object - or ideally, an actual object - that has been chosen by a previous selector to be included in the show. Based on their review of the object, they will find another object, based on the different principles of sympathy, to accompany it. The object they choose will in turn be sent to the next selector. The reviewed object is sent back to the organizer. It is important that the selector tries to avoid reviewing the object in terms of abstract or immaterial features, such as object category, or any category at all for that matter - but strives to focus on the visual, material object they have in front of them, looking at its shape, surface, colour, material and use without trying to understand it conceptually or abstractly. The process of reviewing and selection should be documented through photography and a text, explaining their process of finding the similarity with another object.

This game of whispers might take several rounds; next time the selector receives a box with an object (or an email) it will be a completely new process; a new object leading the process (and thus the exhibition as a whole) in a new direction.

A new patronage initiative via the Ateliers d'Art de France foundation

Janaïna Milheiro © Magali Berthon; Mydriaz Paris © Photoproevent; Anais Rheiner © Olivier Braive; Charlotte Kaufmann © Benjamin Girard; Mathilde Caylou © DR; Marion Delarue © DR; Zoë Montagu © DR;

For its second edition, Révélations is counting on a number of partners, in particular sponsors such as foundations in support of the fine craft sector, via prize-winning and grant programmes. Sponsored stands offer creators an opportunity to reach new markets.

The Banque Populaire corporate foundation, created in 1992 and particularly committed to fine craft, will be presenting five of its winners on its stand. Twice yearly since 2013, the foundation has been selecting talented craftworker projects by artists aged under 40 and offering them a support grant to bring their project to fruition. At Révélations, a shared stand will be exhibiting pieces by the feather artist Janaïna Milheiro (2014 winner), the glass artist Mathilde Caylou (2013 winner), the lighting design trio from Mydriaz (2013 winners) and the jewellery designers Anaïs Rheiner (2013 winner) and Marion Delarue (2013 winner).

Since its creation on 2006, the Fondation Culture & Diversité has been entrusted with the mission of facilitating access to art and culture for young citizens from modest backgrounds. Five years ago, the foundation created the Voyager prize for learning fine craft in partnership with Unesco. On the occasion of this anniversary, the foundation will be presenting the quite singular worlds of six winners who set off on a study trip abroad thanks to the prize. After visiting Vietnam, Charlotte Feret creates ceramic installations with geometrical forms, whilst Zoë Montagu produces mural panels in pleated horse hair following her trip to Chile. Other countries have inspired work by prize winners: Burkina Faso for the ceramist Adèle Jaouen, India for the embroiderers Charlotte Kaufmann and Sophie Lacroix, and Thailand for the cabinetmaker Franck Grossel.

A forward-looking programme targetting both experts and novices alike

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Révélations proposes a more in-depth reflection on fine art via a cycle of conferences organised throughout the fair. With expert speakers, these encounters aim to encourage exchange with the public on the essential questions linked with the sector's current situation and its economic stakes.

The programme of 2015

Thursday 10th September - 11.30am - 12.30pm

The GMBA Baker Tilly consultancy
Crowdfunding : fund raising for your projects

The GMBA Baker Tilly consultancy, specialised in chartered accountancy, taxation and social services, auditing and business consultancy, will be giving a conference on participative funding and its potential applications in the fine craft sector. Michel Gire, associate and manager of the consultancy will be talking to Adrien Aumont, the cofounder of the KissKissBankBank,hellomerci and LENDOPOLIS platforms, in the form of a conference-workshop during which they will share their respective experience. They will both give practical advice to creators interested in this type of funding and will offer the keys for a successful participative funding campaign.

Thursday 10th September · 6pm - 7pm

National Institute for fine craft's scientific and cultural committee (INMA)
Fine craft and new technologies

Certain recent technological changes have impacted fine craft: 3D printing, laser cutting and all the tools that are associated with or stem from 3D design are collectively calling into question the world of traditional know-how. What are the opportunities and the risks associated with these technologies and digital techniques for the fine craft sector? This conference will summarise work conducted by the National Institute for fine craft's scientific and cultural committee (INMA). It will be coordinated by Alain Cadix, former director of the ENSCI - Les Ateliers (National Graduate School for Industrial Creation), scientific consultant for the CEA (technological research and design) and several other speakers having contributed towards the INMA scientific and cultural committee's work.

Friday 11th September · 3.15pm - 4.15pm

Drouot Formation
The place of fine craft in the art market

Drouot Formation will be inviting a representative from an auction house and an expert in the field of decorative arts to talk about the place of fine craft in the art market, the evolving image of these trades on the market, their potential and their development prospects.


Morning of Friday 11th September 2015 (for subscribers) at the auditorium of the Grand Palais, Paris

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In this pivotal period during which France is acting as a pioneer for the legal recognition of fine craft and for policies in favour of its development, Ateliers d'Art de France, the fine craft sector's representative syndicate in France, is organising the first international encounter between the sector's stakeholders, on the occasion of the Révélations fair. Over 10 countries will take stock of the current situation of fine craft in their respective territories and will present their views on the sector's future challenges and the respective action it needs to implement.

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Children's workshops

Révélations hopes to be open to all. Thus, the fair is also opening its doors to children, via a programme of educational activities developed in partnership with the manufacturer Pébéo.

Pébéo, a certified EPV (Living Heritage Company), is a French firm specialising since 1919 in colour, graphic art and artistic awareness. A Louvre and Monumenta sponsor, Pébéo is now turning to the Révélations children's workshops project initiated by the Ateliers d'Art de France Foundation. A unique opportunity to increase awareness on fine craft among this young audience and to develop their creativity and their manual skills.

Prior reservation required, limited number of places.

Ateliers d'Art de France, the professional fine craft federation and craft show organiser

Thierry Martenon © DR

It federates over 6,000 craftworkers, material artists and artwork manufactures throughout France. Its mission: to defend and represent the fine craft sector and to contribute towards the economic development of its associated professionals in France and abroad.

An emanation of workshops and artistic studios, Ateliers d'Art de France provides an essential interface with public authorities, professionals and the general public. In 2014, Ateliers d'Art de France actively contributed towards the vote on article 20 of the craft, trade and VSE law defining and officially acknowledging the fine craft sector.

Co-owner of the Maison&Objet* show along with Reed Expositions France, Ateliers d'Art de France created the UNMA (National Fine Craft Union) in 2012, hence offering a well-positioned interface with public authorities to act as an official voice for associated professionals. Since 2009, Ateliers d'Art de France is also owner and organiser of the International Cultural Heritage Show and, since 2013, is the organiser of Révélations, the international biennial of fine craft and creation, held in the Grand Palais in Paris. All the action and events it has initiated over recent years have combined to valorise a sector that boasts exceptional potential.

* Maison&Objet is organised by SAFI, an Ateliers d'Art de France and Reed Expositions France subsidiary.

Fine art trades

Be they artistic craftworkers, material artists or artwork manufactures, the work of professionals from the fine craft sector is an independent activity to produce, create, transform or reproduce, to repair or restore heritage, that is characterised by command of skills and techniques involved in work on materials and requiring an artistic contribution*.

*Official definition of fine craft, Article 20 Title 2 of the French Law on Craft, Trade and VSEs.

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