Crafting Europe exhibition: promoting the power of fine crafts and European cultural diversity

Carried by the exceptional presence of the World Crafts Council Europe, the Crafting Europe exhibition will offer a contemporary view of European fine crafts via the participation of 24 creators from 18 countries... An enlightening display, from the moment you enter, of a Europe of creativity, reaching the very heart of society’s cultural and social challenges. 

WCC-Europe’s mission is to promote and defend fine crafts across Europe and it has selected Révélations 2019 to celebrate its 40th anniversary, drawn by its self-appointed goal of extending the frontiers of creative crafts. 

“The fine crafts sector is experiencing rapid growth and we must take full advantage of the buzz created by events such as Révélations”

Louise Allen, President of the World Craft Council Europe

Promoting a Europe at the crossroads of cultures and home to countless fine craft workshops and manufactures, this exhibition event will be an opportunity to learn how the 24 creators approach their work today, skilfully blending innovation with traditional craftsmanship.

At the heart of this gathering, the exhibition will weave together the disciplines and values of a plural Europe and will demonstrate the diversity of materials, techniques and craftsmanship, through the transformation of clay, marble and glass.