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10 ans !

On this 6th edition, Révélations celebrates its 10th anniversary! Since its creation, Révélations has been affirming a will to gather and promote material artists from the entire world by choosing to honour one territory on each of its editions. Quebec, nation of honour, comes after Norway (2013), South Korea (2015), Chile (2017), Luxemburg (2019) and the African continent (2022).
For its 10th anniversary, Révélations will gather 350 creators – regulars and young talents – from all four corners of the world, in the heart of Paris, opposite the Eiffel Tower.

Experience the previous editions once again!

This black and white picture by Sophie Zénon represented the first edition of Révélations. It is the verification of the base of a vase in the small casting workshop in Sèvres, the city of ceramics. After at least 48 hours of air-drying, the object is being verified with a brush through three successive steps.
In 2015, it was a delicate handmade stoneware piece by French ceramicist Dorothée Loriquet that was given pride of place. Here, the material serves emptiness. Not to capture it, but rather to reveal it. Depending on where the viewer is standing, different faces of the same pieces are unveiled.
Titled Veiled Ladies, the emblematic piece of Révélations 2017 is represented by American ceramicist Daphne Corregan. A piece that is the perfect illustration of the will to divert objects, to create a dialogue between a traditional technique and contemporary creation.
Norwegian creator Hanne Friis is the creator of the work that represents the identity of Révélations 2019. Shades in black and blue is a monumental sculpture resulting from stitching black and blue denim pieces together and the fruit of a gigantic sewing work and turning free material into a compact mass.
Titled Magodi – Abongile, the work of Zizipho Poswa, a ceramic artist based in Cape Town was the emblematic piece of 2022. She has developed a large-scale work based on monumental pieces inspired by her life as a Xhosa woman and an artist living in South Africa today.

Creators in attendance for 10 years!

Eight exhibitors have been there since the very beginning of the biennal. Aïssa Dione, Alain Persouyre, Ateliers Meriguet Carrère, Anne Midavaine, Esther Assouline, Marie Barthès, Pascal Oudet, Valérie Colas des Francs. We hope to see them again for the decade to come. Meanwhile, come and meet them at Révélations !

10 years of young talents!

For the 10th anniversary of Révélations, the Agora highlights, from the very entrance of the fair, the winners of the Young Creative Craftsworker’s Award since 2013. This award illustrates Ateliers d’Art de France’s “talent scouting” mission since 1960. Révélations saw these young talents grow… Most winners have come a long and beautiful way since this recognition and now each of them has a distinctive artistic signature within the world of French creation. Paper decorations, feather embroidery, glass or stoneware sculptures, contemporary copper jewels… Discover their latest pieces at the biennial.

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