Ateliers d'art de France presents
21 > 25 may 2025
Grand Palais
Fine Craft
& Creation

The Signature Piece

Each edition of Révélations unveils an exceptional work showcased at the event as the emblem of its visual identity. Reflecting both the creator’s style and the biennial’s values, this piece embodies the notions of mastery of one’s craft, transformation of high-quality materials, and the universality of craftsmanship.

The Signature Piece: the visual identity of Révélations

For this 6th edition, Revelations has chosen an aerial work, created by the Japanese multidisciplinary artist Kuniko Maeda, whose studio is in London. This work embodies the international contemporary creation at the heart of the biennial. Sustainability has become a central dimension in the artist's work, which is reflected in the reuse of paper and the use of natural materials such as kakibushi, a paint made from the persimmon, a Japanese fruit.

Columbidae, the emblematic piece of Revelations 2023
This sculpture is inspired by the plumage of birds, their smooth texture, their movement, which symbolize the lightness, the fluidity, the flexibility and the delicacy of the paper, material of predilection of the creator.
The work marks the meeting of digital technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Fascinated by repetitive patterns, the incorporation of complex technical patterns and sequences is an integral part of her creative process. Combining laser-cut paper, acrylic paint and kakishibu (tannin lacquer from unripe persimmons, used for dyeing textiles, paper and wood in Japan), the designer explores the potential and pushes the boundaries of the material. She creates elegant and aerial shapes, which she has imagined beforehand, drawn and cut out, and then hangs them with transparent threads to give them life and let them take flight.

About the artist Kuniko Maeda

London-based Japanese designer Kuniko Maeda studied traditional woodcarving in Kyoto, but also sashiko embroidery on the island of Awaji, near her hometown.

Graduating with a Master's degree in Textile Design from Chelsea College in London in 2011, she is developing an artistic approach that allows her to push the boundaries between tradition and technology, while maintaining the skills of Japanese craftsmanship.

She received the Spotted Award Winner in 2019, Colour in Design Awards in 2018. She also participated in Milan Design Week in 2017, Tendence, Frankfurt in 2018, Material Xperience in Rotterdam in 2018, and Collect in London from 2018 to 2022.