Round table discussions, meetings, talks... Révélations invites VIP from the art and culture industry, entrepreneurs, artists of matter to talk with the public about the key issues related to the industry's latest topics

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The stimulating environment of the conference hall welcomes debates, round tables and film screenings which take an informative approach to key challenges in the fine crafts sector. The contributors’ desire to share helps Révélations remain a key connection point by providing a forum for meetings between figures from the fine crafts world.


New materials meet traditional expertise

An examination of how the constant emergence of new materials, technology transfers and the accelerated development of digital tools for transforming materials can open new possibilities for craftspeople. 

MatériO, the library of emerging materials, looks at the close links between materials and expertise, and new areas for creative exploration permitted by interdisciplinary approaches and migration between areas of expertise. The presentation will draw on numerous examples and samples to handle.


Elodie Ternaux – Designer

Quentin Hirsinger – President

EMPREINTES, the concept store and the market place dedicated to crafts

This conference will allow you to learn more about the concept store and the future marketplace dedicated to professionals of the crafts. Tools for an entire profession, from 5 rue de Picardie to the digital market. 

Follow-up of a Q & A session.

Raw materials and regional economies: a new challenge for craftspeople?

Many fine crafts are facing increasing difficulty reconciling creative demands with materials which are often hard to come by. Between ever-tighter legislation, more distant production sources and disappearance due to declining production volumes, some crafts are having increasing difficulty continuing their activity due to the scarcity of raw materials which in some cases are essential. 

On the other hand, we are seeing regeneration in many regions of activities producing raw materials that had previously died out. This is a major issue, in terms of employment, reliability of procurement as well as sustainable development. It is an issue concerning production as well as the development of regions, landscapes and, sometimes, age-old local cultures.


Marc Bayard - Advisor on cultural and scientific development, Mobilier National & Manufactures Nationales

Gérard Desquand - Heraldic engraver. A Master Craftsman and chairman of the panel of fine crafts judges for the Banque Populaire Foundation

Emmanuel Pouliquen - Chair of the Banque Populaire Foundation and Chair of Banque Populaire Atlantique

Jean Girel – Creator

Tristan Mathieu - Terre de lin

Arnaud Mallet - Compagnons du Devoir, Rodez

The international prestige of french craftsmanship: benefits and drawbacks

In order to expand their business, some creators have decided to step outside their studios and national borders to conquer new markets around the world. 

This round table will explore how the uniqueness and specific nature of French expertise contribute to the international popularity and influence of its fine crafts. Fervent advocates of French craftsmanship and creativity, the participants in this debate will discuss their experiences, actions and viewpoints on the development of fine crafts expertise.


Charles Jouffre – Director, Ateliers Charles Jouffre

Karen Archer - Deputy Director, Strategic Development & Communications French Heritage Society

Gérard Desquand - Heraldic Engraver; Master of Art

Eric-Sébastien Faure-Lagorce – Creative Director

Foundations and fine crafts: promoting creativity and expertise internationally

Whether in France or internationally, the number of foundations dedicated to promoting fine crafts has grown considerably in recent years. They now occupy a very special place in the diversified creativity sector. This is a significant movement which is worth highlighting and analyzing according to the stated ambitions of these new structures..

How can a start-up and a corporate foundation act to help craftspeople develop new markets?

From web marketing strategies to growth hacking, help drafting a business plan or crowdfunding campaign, these participants offer their diverse and varied skills, potentially providing craftspeople with useful levers for growth. Advantages and disadvantages.


Fabienne Marqueste - General Manager, EY Foundation

France Hureaux - Founder,

Natacha Mondon et Eric Pierre, Natmonde – Creator

The question of multiples in fine crafts

What commercial strategy in relation to production of works can craftspeople adopt to promote their talent and expertise in France and abroad? This will be the key question addressed by the round table proposed by Drouot Formation during the third Révélations. Single pieces and mass production, legal protection for works, presence on the retail market and in galleries – these are the topics addressed in detail by our panel of craftspeople, lawyers and art market professionals..


Mme Marie-Bérengère Gosserez - Galerie Gosserez,

Mr Fabien Mirabaud - Auctioneer, Drouot,

Maître Philippe Gaultier - Lawyer, Legrand Lesage-Catel Gaultier,

Mr Nicolas Arnoult - Cabinet-maker, Aries Arnoult

Current material artists

The form equates to the idea in most aesthetic theories. But what is the role of materials which, for more than half a century, have established

a stand-alone role in art? What does it mean to be a material artist? Once the idea of usage value has been relegated, creators of art become material artists, glorifying the specific qualities of materials. Just as a movement was once described as Informal Art, so we can now refer to a Material Art. Creators are exploring and revealing qualities of meaning and spirituality attached to materials. As Nietzsche said, «It is nature that is the artist and the artist is merely its work ».


Allain Guillot - Glass artist

Emmanuelle Droy - Director, Publishing Department Ateliers d’Art de France

Alin Avila – Moderator

Art professions and geography: from identity to drawing power

Owing to privileged access to certain raw materials, and for reasons of local stylistic traditions and communications, the art professions materialize the history of a country or region. They represent its roots and make them unique, at times becoming hallmarks of quality recognized the world over. Beyond this heritage approach, the art professions are no less of a draw for the region’s economy, regardless of scale. In view of the market’s changing demands and the emergence of new consumers in search of uniqueness and authenticity, entrepreneurs are developing a new offering, leveraging the ultra-local and its particular character in a globalized context. What structures are these ateliers, manufactories and businesses putting into place in order to acquire new clients and fresh capital in a given territory, transforming the story into a supportive economic project?

The right training for creatives

Discover the wealth of French teaching resources and range of training for future professionals whose excellence and expertise are recognised around the world. 

This round table will invite you to identify, get to know and speak to several schools which pass on and preserve the priceless fine crafts heritage in France. And because craftsmanship is also passed on outside schools, learn about the patient lessons dispensed by craftspeople to their apprentices in their studios.

The China academy of art at Hangzhou

The first school open to western methods, The Academy of Art at Hangzhou was established in 1928 by Lin Fermiang, the first Chinese artist whose works were purchased by the French State, in 1923. It brings together two immense campuses of more than 900 students and 700 professors. The department of fine arts adjoins that of fine crafts, where glassmakers and potters come together around cutting-edge technological equipment in a several-storey building. The department of textile arts, meanwhile, brings together several hundred students under the direction of Ms. Shi. It is here that the Fiber Art Triennial was established. 

The discussion will focus on joint instruction in fine arts and craftsmanship from the perspective of an educational approach that emphasizes the history of art as much as expertise. Moreover, we will hear about the school’s initiatives and the Triennial, as well as important competitions and exhibitions on the subject of ceramics, glass and design.


Mme SHI Hui, President of the Triennial

Monsieur ZHOU Wu, Vice President of the Academy of Fine Art

Alin Avila, Modérator

Drawing on creativity

To mark the release of the book «La Consigne, Les Dessins des Métiers d’Art», the Les Traces Habiles association examines the status of drawing

in the creative process. The coming together of the fine crafts and design disciplines this year at the Révélations fair is a fantastic opportunity to understand the unique careers of creators and identify existing or potential cross-over points between these practices. Craftspeople, designers, «makers», researchers – for many of them, drawing is the preferred language for creating a well of inspiration, setting out hypotheses or experimenting with new directions. By inviting creators to discuss the genesis of their work and looking at the drawings they have produced, this event seeks to explore the secrets of creativity.


Isabelle Daëron - Designer 

Jean-Baptiste Fastrez - Designer 

Patrick Loughran - Ceramic Artist 

Alain Mailland - Wood turner-sculptor

Creative evolution and paths

“Creative evolution and paths” offers a perspective taking details from the lives of its authors as a starting point for better understanding the development of craftsmanship, its possibilities and new narratives in a contemporary context, in South America, in which the role of craftsperson is in dialogue with the tensions of a globalized world.


Claudia Betancourt – Walka Design

Mauricio Clavero Kozlowsky et Eliana Carter – Creative partners

Bárbara Velasco

Juan Carlos Orellana

Egon Muñoz – Creator

Meeting of the international film festival for fine crafts

Strasbourg Cathedral has just held its millennial celebration. It was restored with new stainedglass windows for the occasion. The fruitful collaboration between an inspired photographer, Véronique Ellena, and a grand master glass-maker, Pierre-Alain Parot, resulted in two contemporary works that now light up the cathedral. 

Before the viewing, there will be an introduction by director Marion Wegrowe and photographer Véronique Ellena. The viewing will be followed by a question and answer session with the audience.


Marion Wegrowe – Director

Véronique Ellena – Photographer