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Curiosity is not a bad habit

organized by: matériO’

Isn’t that curious to consider curiosity as an ugly flaw? This moralistic maxim heard a thousand times, kind of short-sighted popular sentence, full of religiosity and rejection of any critical spirit, implicitly leads to the apology of ignorance and conditioned reflexes.
Friday 9th june : 14:00 - 15:00


On the contrary, curiosity is one of the most beautiful human faculties. It is precisely curiosity, this thirst to learn beyond appearances, this desire not to stop at one only answer but to ask other questions, which characterizes us. To be curious is to fight panurgism, intellectual laziness, commonplaces and prejudices, it is to want to scratch a little deeper, to open doors, to discover, to get off the beaten track to finally better understand the world.


Curiosity is without a doubt the main driving force behind matériO’, a library of materials that attempts to identify everything that is curious and singular, all those materials that push us to question ourselves, to experiment, to freely explore unfamiliar territories.

To be curious is simply to be present to the world, to be aware, to pay attention to its functioning and its balances... and it is undoubtedly what we have best to do, currently.

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