Ateliers d'art de France presents


Directed by: Filep Motwary

A series of films that tell the story of the local Intangible Cultural Heritage and fine craftsmanship as experienced and practiced by artisans and artists of Cyprus, written & directed by Filep Motwary.
Chypre - Film - Documentaire - 16 mn


The Cyprus Press and Information Office @piocy in collaboration with the @Cyprus_Handicraft_Service proudly present the sequel to the series #craftingcyprus , with three additional short films, written and directed by @FilepMotwary The three new films focus on the fields of Basketweaving, Silver & Goldsmithing and Furniture & Woodcarving and their evolution while they invite the viewer to discover the landscape and history that generate these arIorms.

Aiming to encourage artisans to preserve and promote fine craftsmanship, Motwary touches on the vitality of mentorship, synergy, vision, and the importance of passing one’s skills on to
In this intimate long-term project, the aim is to highlight traditional and contemporary craftsmanship as perhaps the most tangible manifestation of intangible cultural heritage and
to reconnect with the beauty of Cypriot crafts and their creators both locally and abroad.

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