Ateliers d'art de France presents

2021 Révélations FAQ

1- General questions

Why can't the June 2021 edition of Révélations take place?

The current health situation in France prohibits trade fairs due to the national health emergency in force until 1 June 2021, nor does it give us any indication of a date to resume business in our sector. Ateliers d'Art de France considers that the uncertainties concerning the conditions of movement for people and works, particularly from abroad, are too great to provide an event that meets the expectations of stakeholders, exhibitors and visitors. This lack of visibility calls into question suitable terms of participation for the exhibitors and partners we have contacted, and Ateliers d'Art de France strives to implement terms ideal for providing economic opportunities for them.

Has a postponement of this edition been planned?

Following its commitment to promote and support fine crafts and contemporary creation, Révélations is postponing its 5th edition until Spring 2022. We are using current indicators and considering holding the biennial at this time for all stakeholders.

What are the dates for the next edition of Révélations?

The next edition of Révélations will be held from 8 to 12 June 2022, at the Temporary Grand Palais, with several hundred French and international creators in attendance, to pursue and accelerate the relaunch of the fine crafts and creation market and unveil the creative vitality of material artists in this field.

Will Africa be the continent of honour at Révélations 2022?

A few months ago, we announced creations from the African continent as the highlight of the 5th edition of Révélations, and we still wish to celebrate Africa as the continent of honour in 2022.

What happens to the international exhibition Le Banquet for the 5th edition of Révélations?

The international exhibition Le Banquet brings together contemporary creators from all continents. It has also been postponed to June 2022, just like the continent of honour, and will showcase the universality of creation professions.

What about Révélations “Hors les Murs”?

Each edition of Révélations is enhanced by a “Hors les Murs” (beyond the walls) tour, an incentive to discover the many facets of fine crafts and contemporary creation beyond the biennial. Part of the “Hors les Murs” programme planned for June 2021 will be held on the original dates of the Révélations biennial, in order to experience fine crafts beyond the dates of the biennial, offer visibility and development opportunities to creators and maintain our important connection with visitors who are passionate about fine crafts and creation.

Are there plans for a digital edition of Révélations 2021?

Révélations is intended to be a place for creators and their public to meet and interact, a moment dedicated to celebrating material art where physical contact is more necessary than ever. The 5th edition will take place using the Révélations digital tools, but it will not be a digital edition, the full programme will be available in June 2022 at the Temporary Grand Palais.

2- Specific questions for exhibitors at the fair

I am registered for the June 2021 edition of Révélations and I would like to participate in the 2022 edition.

You must confirm your attendance with the Révélations teams, via the response form in the Newsletter.

Is a deposit required to confirm I have postponed my participation to June 2022?

To maintain your registration and commitment as an exhibitor, the minimum amount required is the amount of the registration fee.

I have already paid an instalment or the full payment for of my participation, is it possible to carry over the sums paid to the June 2022 edition?

Yes, it is possible to carry over part or all of the amounts paid for the June 2021 edition to the June 2022 edition.

As a 2021 exhibitor, why should I confirm my participation in the 2022 edition of Révélations right now?

Confirming will automatically postpone your registration. You will not have to renew your application with the Artistic Steering Committee. You are therefore automatically considered a participant in the 2022 edition (subject to paying the minimum amount of the registration fee).

If I do not wish to postpone my attendance at the June 2022 edition, is it possible to obtain a full refund of my payments?

As announced by Ateliers d'Art de France, since the postponement of the edition is a consequence of the health situation, a full refund of your participation is possible.

In this case, when can I get my money back?

Refunds will be made within two months of confirmation of your wish to recover all or part of the sums paid.

Will the 2022 rates be the same as the 2021 rates?

Yes, the rates for Révélations 2022 will be the same as those for the 2021 edition.

I'm not yet an exhibitor at Révélations; when can I register for Révélations 2022?

Applications may be submitted on the platform starting 1 June.