Portrait of Alexandre Poulaillon

Alexandre Poulaillon is a painter and decorator reveal his work of coloured domino papers and will presente his contemporary designs to Revelations

Copyright : Marc Guénard, Alexandre Poulaillon

At the age of 16, Alexandre Poulaillon joined the Ecole Blot in Reims where, particularly interested in motifs and ornamentation, he trained to become a painter and decorator and, over the years, has worked with luxury hotels and restaurants in France and abroad.

In 2011, he discovered coloured domino papers. Fascinated by this bygone trade, forgotten since almost two centuries, he decided to traditionally reprint a few motifs by adapting them to modern styles.

For the past 3 years the Atelier Poulaillon, a genuine exploration, research and experimentation laboratory, has been working from Mulhouse, where it develops its atypical and minutely detailed projects. Find the Poulaillon workshop Revelations fair in September 2015.