Children's workshops

Revelations also welcomes a much younger audience, with a programme of pedagogical workshops, especially conceived for children ages 5-7 and ages 8-12. A unique opportunity to raise children’s awareness of fine craft and develop their creativity and their manual skills.

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Especially conceived for 5-7 year-olds and 8-12 year-olds, these workshops will allow children to be initiated into fine craft alongside professional creators, who will share their passion and savoir-faire with the children during the workshops.

A unique opportunity to raise awareness in children of all ages of fine craft, develop their creativity and their manual skills. At the end of the workshops, the children get to take their own creations home! 



With Cindy Pavis of the Rouge Garance workshop, the children discover natural dyeing techniques and are introduced to felting wool to make a coloured picture. Composing a décor, moistening the wool strands, rubbing them with soap, rolling them… and the wool is transformed! An almost magical process that will captivate little apprentices...


A basket-maker, Alexandra Ferdinande gathers vines, rushes or withies (willow twigs) to create sculptures and baskets with stripped-down forms. Passionate about her craft, she very naturally shares her know-how with the youngest children: weaving interlacings, little fingers become active to create a magic wand. A playful and creative discovery of basket-making.



On the theme of fantastic animals, Cécile Basecq proposes introducing the children to the art of intaglio printing. After having drawn a subject on a sheet of tracing paper, the children engrave their drawing using an etching needle on a plate. Then comes the inking and printing of the drawing on paper using a press. The occasion to rediscover craft printing techniques in the digital era! 


Reflections, glimmers, colours, interplays of light and transparency… alongside Clotilde Gontel, the children discover the plastic qualities of glass by making a small contemporary stained-glass piece, to bring home and hang on the window. An awareness of the glass-making art that emphasizes creativity.